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Whatcha want?  

What is with the atrocious way that single images are being handled now on Tumblr?

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Anonymous said: I really like winnie the pooh, Can you draw winnie the pooh pleaseeeeee




I just released an involuntary evil chuckle

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Are you like dead dead or just down?

Old DnD proverb (via mydnd)

The next question being, “What’s your constitution?”

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Damn loopholes



After four months of campaigning, we finally reach the final boss: a giant demon lord who is devouring the souls of the town it is towering over.

The cleric steps forward, raises his right hand, drops his mace, clenches his holy symbol in his left hand, slams his hands together, closes his eyes, passes his concetration check, casts…

Banish Demon.

*poof* Demon gone.

DM: You can’t do that 

Dan: Yes I can. He’s a subtype demon out of his realm.

Campaign over.

See, but this is when you give the demon an ancient and cursed Amulet of Banishment Resistance, or reveal that he has been bound to the current plane until his physical form is destroyed.

Point is, if sticking to the rules makes the game less interesting, throw the rulebook out the goddamn window.  (and then scoop it back up and bring it in because you’re still going to need it for some stuff, srsly)

Yup, yup, and yup. OOOOOR, the banishment works, but through some kind of contingency, the party taken away with the demon and the town is slowing sucked up and taken too. Then the party has to  save townsfolk that appear and destroy the demon to stop the town from being fully taken to the Abyss.

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Sample art from the Baby Bestiary Kickstarter.

D’AWWWWWW….. da babies

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Spell Failure? Phfft, more like spell win!

Spell Failure? Phfft, more like spell win!

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They know something I don’t.
☆ hilarious pics
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They know something I don’t.

☆ hilarious pics